Google Allo
Google Allo

I want to take a quick look at Google’s newest form of communication called Google Allo. And let you know if it’s  even worth considering  over the more popular third-party messengers that are going to work for both Android and iOS. And when you first open it up it’s going to make you register your phone number in order to chat with your friends.

How is Google Allo set for you?

Will also have Allo you can still link your Google Calendar is not going to be used to back up your messages like WhatsApp. Or you can communicate with others through their email addresses like to Hangout. So just to make it clear you probably won’t be using this as your main text messaging application. Because when you send an SMS to a friend who doesn’t have an Allo they will receive your message but there was a random five-digit number instead of your personal one. In other words, you can still text a non-registered contact and they can respond to your messages.  But it would  just  look like the texting a  telemarketer on their end until  they  install Allo plus you can only use Allo  on your phone and not your tablet or computer  and if you switch to a  different device  will have to set up the  app all over you lose your chats  profile pic  save name and so on. So those are the only reasons you might not use this messenger. But here is what makes it all the better when you begin chatting with your friend’s very standard stuff you can send pictures, videos, animated stickers,  voice messages, your location,  and regular messages with an emoji.  But when you dig deeper you can send the gigantic text to make it look like you’re yelling or even tiny font to whisper by scrolling up and down on the send icon. There’s also little check marks to let you know the status of your sent messages a white check me to spend sent green means it’s been received and to check marks. Means it’s been read I don’t know where I’ve seen that before.

Anyway, you can also tell when your recipient is typing something because three dots will begin to an enemy on the far left.  So those are all features we’ve  seen before, but this is where  Google takes it one step further when you receive  a message you have suggestions on  what’s the next most responses may seem. A bit old but if you’re someone who has a hard time keeping the conversation flowing this could be your best friend not only that but if you add Google you can use Google to help you find information on a specific topic. So if you type hamburger it will show you nearby hamburger joints along with directions.

Google Assistance

The menu pictures a phone number and even an option to reserve a table right there in the conversation and if you or your friend mentioned a popular keyword, a Google suggestion might appear right next to the automated replies where these automated replies do come from well it’s a feature called Google assistant.  You can think of this as Google now being a contact on your phone where you can ask you anything and it will most likely find the answer.

For example, if you’re bored it will find ways to entertain you keep you updated on the news fine restaurants, are events nearby, the weather translation, flight information, sports and much more. Let’s say the AI get something wrong you can tap on the thumbs down button to give it back. So maybe next time it does it better.  Or if you like what it’s responding to you can give it a thumbs up.  I think it’s a great feature as I can get most of my information on a conversation and not have to open up a third-party app instead.

Private Chat

There’s also an option to chat privately you basically start an inconvenience chat and a result this will make your messages disappear after a set time period. And have them be encrypted and to end notifications you receive will display the details and it’s very easy to differentiate from a regular conversation. Just keep in mind  that you  won’t have Google assistant, keeping in with any suggestions I would probably only use this if I want  to  see my friend my Netflix password or  maybe if  I wanted to set my girlfriend  which I would never do of course  so that’s basically how our work it does  show a lot of potentials especially with  Google assistant being its main pillar.

But I do think the complicated SMS integration is a bit of a step back. So that’s probably why  I won’t be using this as my main messenger unless most of my friends decide to hop on this in the near future either way that’s it.