switch multiple Google accounts faster
switch multiple Google accounts faster

Most of the people use multiple Google accounts for various reason – work, personal, business. But most of the peoples are phasing problem to maintain the multiple accounts because the difficulty to sign-out and sign-in each account every time used that accounts.

Google continuously makes the internet easier. In Google has many options to maintain the multiple accounts here we can discuss this feature. There is three main option.

  1. By Google add another account (All browser).
  2. By Google Chrome browser profile.
  3. Switch by bookmark.

Multiple Google accounts by Google add another account option

add account google
add account Google [1]
In your Google search engine site, Gmail or any Google accounts have this facility. In the right side top of the Google, pages have a round icon (See [1] image) of your image or letter is an identification of default account.


add another google account
add another google account [2]

Click on that icon and click ADD ACCOUNT (See [2] image) to add another Google account parallel. When you click ADD ACCOUNT it will ask to sign in a Google account.



After sign-in you can view that account tab in that icon area. After successfully added the account you can easily switch account with each other quickly. When you use Google Drive, Gmail, Google Analytic tool etc. you can use this cool facility.

Google Chrome browser profile.

It is another loving feature from Google Chrome browser. Chrome is the fastest browser by Google. You can simply synchronize the data between your mobile browser and desktop browser by Google account. It’s amazing right. If you still not using Chrome Download from here

google chrome profile
google chrome profile

This synchronizes feature to transfer your bookmarks, history, form data (login username, password and form autofill data) between all of your devices by your Google account. So the Chrome working as smart to maintain the user data.

From here you can add multiple accounts and maintain your personal data.

Why Google Chrome profile?

  • Sometimes you need to keep the history with your one account (personal).
  • Keep your history bookmark with any devices with the same account. (This feature not in Option 1)
  • Working as a separate browser.

After creating a Chrome profile you can switch easily between multiple Google accounts. It’s working as a separate browser. So you can keep bookmark and history separately. Also Its a  best way to Home and business purpose. If you used at home select home profile or at office select business profile.

Switch account by bookmark.

The bookmark is an easy way to keep the favorite website. But when it using multiple Google accounts of Gmail is going to default Gmail. So here the best option to go to Gmail directly for each account.

First, go to Gmail and press star icon on the browser or press Ctrl+D (or Cmd+D on Mac) for bookmarked the Gmail and click EDIT button.

Now add ?authuser=mail@gmail.com in the URL input box after last ‘/’ 

  • before URL: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox
  • Now URL:  https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?authuser=mail@gmail.com
bookmark Gmail account
bookmark Gmail account

And fill the name field by your remember Nick name and click save. Repeatedly doing this for your all Gmail for access

After any time if you need to go that Gmail type that nick name on URL and URL will suggest that Gmail directly. I think this tip is more helpful. I already phased this problem in many time but I couldn’t find that’s why I found this simple method to share with all to you.

Also, you can use this method not only in Gmail but also Google Drive, Contacts, Calendar, etc.

Example :




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