how to safe mobile battery

How happen smartphone’s battery explode? This is important and most of the peoples asked the question. Keep safe smartphone’s battery is an important thing because everything has a maximum of keeping capacity right? Smart phone battery too. If you make mistake on keeping safe your mobile battery, you can’t say your mobile maker is wrong, this is not a good thing.

These Tips answer for

  • How to keep safe the battery?
  • How to keep the battery charge?


How to safe smartphone’s battery

First, you need to understand the device on your hand is not a human. It’s a machine. It’s working on your command but not at all time. It’s depending on the hardware of made. So the main part of the mobile it’s battery. So keeping safe battery is important. Here the important tips to the safe mobile battery.

#1 – Overcharging the battery

Every thing has a limitation of capacity like a human. The mobile battery also has a maximum limitation of charging capacity. Lithium-ion battery always heats them self on charging or using. It is normal for Lithium-ion battery. In the cold climate, the charged also decrease. So we need to keep the battery under the maximum of temperature to safe smartphone’s battery. So when you charging your mobile overnight it heats a lot so in the maximum level of heating, it explodes or fire.

Li-ion battery temperature level is 10 degree to 30 degree

Most of the smartphones have the digital circuit breaker and it cut-off charging the battery is full. However, the overnight charging reduces the battery and circuit life.

#2 – Don’t keep battery 100% anytime

Most of the people make mistake in this situation. They keep the battery in 100% full charged anytime. But this is very bad thing for battery life. Battery cells will die itself. So don’t keep the battery on 100% charge.

#3 – Using original charger

All time charge your phone with original charger that comes with your mobile phone. Or using a charger made by the same mobile manufacturer. Don’t use other cheap 3rd parties mobile charger from the local black market.

– don’t use the battery charger. 

Don’t charge your mobile battery separately by universal battery charger

#4 – Don’t use the mobile until the battery goes to 0%

It’s dangerous for battery life to use the device until battery will die or 0% of charge. Connect the charger at the battery minimum level notification or some before of level. In this model keep the battery cells life span.

#5 – Avoid keeping device under direct sunlight long time

Direct sunlight is heating up the device fast so its problem for the device circuit and the battery So avoiding from direct sunlight to safe smartphone’s battery.

#6 – Close over heating applications

Most of the time I feel this happen to my mobile. The reason is using high-end graphics 3D games make high heat. Because the High-end graphics games using the highest level of data transfer within the processor, GPU, Main board. So it takes a lot of energy from the battery in single time that makes heating the battery.

#7 – Keep update your phone OS and Applications

Applications and OS (Operating system) are days to day improve the performance by developers. So keeping the update the new operating system and Applications.

Example – The Google Android – they still updating the performance of operating system and energy serving.

You may read more about Android new OSAndroid O

#8 – Keep mobile on DATA and Location 

This is important in current world but it also reduces the battery charge. If you need to keep your battery charge you need to switch off the Data and Location.

#9 – Close the background widgets

In the Background, If lot widget runs it reduce the battery charge and battery life too. Choosing the best Cleaner app from the Play Store or App Store to download and clean your mobile device.

So those things reduce the mobile phones’ battery charge and life span. Keep your mobile phone safely to save money and life.

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