WhatsApp is the one of the application takes more space from your smart phone. Remove useless WhatsApp photos from phones is the huge problem right? Because we all have friends who send all meme even single motivation quote from morning to night. When we open the WhatsApp or over the Wi-Fi it download all photos and save to your device local storage.

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Spam messages / spam contact

Spam means – the contact number not in your contact list. Unknown users send images or users from WhatsApp group send continuously meme fill storage. You can block that spam contacts or mute the group notification. But the problem is storage.

Some methods already we used to remove the unwanted/useless WhatsApp photos from the smart phone.

First methods we normally used – delete the WhatsApp image folder from our smart phone file manager.This is the simple solution open the gallery application from your Android phone and delete the entire folder of WhatsApp. Or you can use the file manager you already installed on your phone to delete the entire the folder of WhatsApp. In this method, you delete the important or good photographs from the folder. Because WhatsApp still not making any algorithm or distinction between the real photograph and spam images or memes.

Best option to remove useless WhatsApp photos

An Indian company gives this great solution to remove useless WhatsApp photos intelligently. Siftr Labs Private Limited is founded by former Adobe developers. The Siftr launched an intelligent application for Android and iOS. This App deletes the WhatsApp bin photos without any issue. You can download Siftr Magic Cleaner for Android here and iOS here.

Important Note: We are not a promoter of this application, just a user review tips.

The Siftr Magic Cleaner is the best app made by Siftr. This application scans your entire folder and detects the junk images including memes images, screenshot images, text images, video screen images, and cartoon images. then you can decide to delete those images in one click.

How is Siftr Magic Cleaner work?

It’s working like Google Vision API but they developed own Image analyzing engine to determine the image is junk image or not by analyzing with a lot of images. This app needs an active internet connection because the Magic Cleaner app analyzing the images with Siftr Image library simultaneously not works in locally. But unfortunately, it does not burn your internet data because that sends a bit size of hash to the server.

Note: GOOGLE VISON API – Is powerful machine learning model to analyzing the images.

According to my usage for review this app I run this application on my Android phone to over 2000+ photos just in less than 2 minutes. And the accuracy of working is above my expectation. It’s a free app in the Google Play store also in Apple App store. In the free mode is limited auto remove photos amount. If you increase the amount of auto delete the image by this app you need to invite your friend to use this app.

If you are WhatsApp user the Siftr Magic Cleaner is must on your phone. It’s perfect works on both platforms.

Important Note: We are not a promoter of this application, just a user review tips.