How to remove personal details
How to remove personal details

When a photo taking by you by using a camera, some photos will be recorded automatically, including the camera’s description. Specifically, the place of a photo taken, date, time, camera setting, etc. will be detailed by its own. These data are called as EXIF.

Further, those will be recorded with GPS in a selected camera. The date, time, camera model, ISO speed and the focal length will be useful for an expert professional cameraman.

But at the same time, it is good to remove these details when using these photos for common purposes by you.

Let’s see how to remove this personal information by following simple steps

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Step 1: First click on Right and select Properties in it.

Step 2: Then will need to click on Details by you.

Step 3: choose the file named EXIF metadata. Then click on Remove Properties and Personal Information.

Step 4: Now select Remove Properties and select the files in it.

Step 5: Decide whatever parts to delete or decide whether remove everything.

Step 6: After selecting press the OK button, the details will disappear which selected by you.