magento cache
magento cache

Magento website always down by Magento Cache, this continuously happen in certain time period. After we removed the files in var/cache manually its solve and worked fine!

Did anyone get this problem? Yes.

What is the Magento Cache?

It’s an important management system for the managing cache to improve the site speed and performance.

What is Magento Cache Error?

Some time Magento cache is full or filled by the invalid cache, So its error will come and show a notification top of the working space of admin to refresh the cache.

How to refresh the Magento Cache?

It’s an easy way to refresh the cache by Magento admin panel.

  1. Go to System menu in Admin panel.
  2. Select Cache Management
  3. Select all (See the image below)
  4. Choose the Action ‘Refresh
  5. Click Submit.
magento cache
magento cache

How to Solve the Magento site down the problem?

  1. If your site is correct, contact the service provider and check server space for enough to run the Magento site.
    (because it’s full by – Magento creates session, cache files inside the file system)
  2. Check the file or folder permission are correct or not
    Read more about Magento file folder permission (
  3. If you need to create a Cron job in your server see this article for more it’s helpful for more developers and site owners.  See More
    You can contact the technical part of the server to solve this Cron job.

Because this issue is not the Magento installation issue. It’s based on the server issue.

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