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Apple macbook pro 2016

The new MacBook pro 2016 pro-2016 has been clicked and this is expected to be the biggest change ever to the MacBook pro 2016 pro line up. We’re going to see a lot of changes completely new design a new CPU architecture and generally new GPU even a secondary display.
So the second annual and I’m really excited for a new 2016 mapping probes. I’ll be explaining in detail every single one of the season 16. MacBook pro 2016 pro league parts. This is the first lead part. It came from an apple manufacturing plant in China and it was posted to the cult of mac. So this league is a top casing of what appears to be a 13-inch retina.

MacBook pro 2016 features

Apple MacBook pro 2016 pro 2016 and the first thing you can probably tell from this image is the color. The color of this MacBook pro 2016 is much darker than what we normally get with the current generation mobile pros. This is most likely the same space grey that we get on 12 inch MacBook pro 2016 and this means that on the new MacBook pro 2016 pro 2016 pros were mostly going to see the exact same color scheme as on a 12 inch MacBook pro 2016s space grey, silver, gold and rose. Gold also on a 12 inch MacBook pro 2016. We no longer have a glowing apple logo. So this might also be going away from the new MacBook pro 2016 pro, you guys prefer a glowing apple logo or the reflective one that’s on the 12 inch MacBook pro 2016 let me know in the comments.

Now the second thing they can probably tell from this league is the track that attract that is much much larger on a MacBook pro 2016 pro 2016 most likely to match the one on the 12 which MacBook pro 2016. Because now the one of the twelve which MacBook pro 2016 is actually larger than the one on the 15-inch retina MacBook pro 2016 pro or in that you can probably notice that. We finally have some speaker grilles on the side. So previously with a 13-inch retina MacBook pro 2016 pro we actually had no speaker grills at all. The sound basically came from the need the keyboard and only on the 15-inch retina of a program that model we actually had some speaker grills you probably know the speakers on the 12 inch MacBook pro 2016. Those things are incredibly loud or actually almost as loud as the 15-inch retina MacBook pro 2016 pro which is insane because this this device is so small. So they’re actually louder than the ones on the 13-inch retina MacBook pro 2016 pro. So the new colors and the larger track by this is another upgrade that we’re going to see the proof speakers especially on a 13 transamerica probes is pretty. It is a pretty huge upgrade because previous ones were not so great and so pretty awesome.

I’m going back to the lead casing. I’ve actually noticed something really interesting. So if you take a look at a keyboard and if you take a look at the arrow keys on the right. We get three holes compare that to 12 inch MacBook pro 2016s keyboard. And we have a match this confirms that a keyboard layout will be identical to 12-inch back book. So we’re going to get a larger individual key definitely the new Butterfly mechanism.

So the new keyboard will be click here and it will mostly have little to no travel. I honestly hope for more travel than the 12 which map one which I personally think that we are going to see especially since the MacBook pro 2016 pro is a much thicker device in the college MacBook pro 2016 pro 2016 and we’ll get to the thickness. And second there’s one more really interesting thing about this leak actually two things the first one is the top hinge. So I don’t know if you can tell but a top pane is actually longer now which matches the length of the 12 inch MacBook pro 2016 one.
So basically we’re finally going to see a full anybody mechanism. So to hinge will be exactly like the one of 12 inch MacBook pro 2016s a full aluminum no plastic at all and now for dad really interesting things if you take a closer look at a keyboard here’s the tab and then we get we and are we always come together numbers.

But there is no we have no holes for the function keys she had escaped be f1 f2 f3 and so on all these function keys are actually missing. So there’s been this rumor that apple was going to replace all the function keys on the new MacBook pro 2016 pro 2016 with a secondary would display. And I initially thought is rumored to be false but apparently it’s not even though having a lovely display instead of those function keys seems like a really weird idea. It’s actually pretty interesting one for the only display will also be a tight display meeting that now you can actually have specific functions associated with that display. So you could have some app for cuts like you could have final cut after effects Photoshop. I know Xcode and when you simply tap on those apps in the solid bar.

It would just open suggest that’s one use of that bar and another use would be functions. Individual functions inside some apps. So when you have like Photoshop open you can have a function key. I don’t make any project or add motion blur and so on perspective or an aftereffect motion tracking camera tracking. So you could have a bunch of apps shortcuts inside at all at a bar which I think is actually a pretty good idea.

Now even though there hasn’t been any mention of this that will also get some sort of touch feedback from at old bars. So we’ll probably see some sort of vibration motor believe that all at the bar like we do on a horse track pad. So that when we press, it will also get some sort of touch feedback. So let’s touch the bar, it’s a pretty good idea the only downside can see to it is the starcraft. So I’m a Starcraft player, then if you play starcraft ii and starcraft you do need that top part you need to you need to use the function keys and having no actual feedback.
When you press the function keys would be a pretty big downside and starcraft part in that. Think this was almost everything I had to say about the first leaked image

MacBook pro 2016 Ports

So let’s take a look at a second league board. So this one shows the MacBook pro 2016 pro from a different angle and here you can actually take a look at things from this device. So to be honest it doesn’t actually look much thinner than the current generation MacBook pro 2016 pro, which is actually a pretty good thing. A really thin MacBook pro 2016 pro 2016 would also mean that will lose on the performance which is not something I would personally want also notice that we don’t have a what shape design like on the 12 inch MacBook pro 2016 or MacBook pro 2016 breaths of air.
So this is definitely a MacBook pro 2016 pro 2016 any images of the third image is actually crucial. Because in this one, we can actually see the MacBook pro 2016 pro from the sides and what do you have on the sides well the ports in terms of the ports. You can probably see that we have four USB type-c port and a headphone jack.
So this means that were completely losing the USB type a ports HDMI port a thermal port even the max. I think I want to miss this one the most and even the SD card slot. So we don’t have an SD card slot at all which is pretty bad.

Switchboard are going to miss the most, for me it’s definitely the max a four and then is the SD card slot. So it’s pretty unfortunate that we’re going to lose the SD card slot at the same time not a lot of people were using that except photographers and videographers. So what’s going to happen with Thunderbolt? Because that’s most likely going to be the biggest loss well have some pretty good news. So terrible three actually uses the USBC connector so will most likely see Thunder ball three and the new MacBook pro 2016 pro 2016 pros as well. In case you don’t know thermal three actually double the performance a terrible.

MacBook pro 2016 Display

So now you can get up to five gigabytes per second gigabytes and gigabytes terabytes per second transfer speeds from 2.5 gigabytes per second. So five gigabytes per second is just insane and then at the same time with terrible three can now drive up to two displays to 4k displays at 60 frames per second off the same cable.
So, it can actually be daisy-chained two monitors to 4k monitors at 60 frames per second all the same angle which is just awesome. But what’s even more awesome is the terrible three can also drive a 5k display at 60 frames per second, which was actually not possible before on any connection. So they’re actually only two connections in the world that can actually drive a 5k display at 60 frames per second.

MacBook pro 2016 Intel Skylake Processor

One of them is terrible three and no one is displayed for 1.3 which hasn’t even been released yet. So Scylla doesn’t support SKYLAKE processors and even Cabbie Lake, which is the next few architecture and even that one are going to support it only the next one. So, number three is the only connection available that can drive a 5k display at 60 frames per second. Carly and this is also the reason why 50 tonight behind me this one doesn’t support our display mode. So it can actually use it as a martyr is, because no connection actually supports 5k at 60 frames per second Carlin.

Now there is some 5k display is available like this dell. For example, in order to connect the display, you actually need to use to Thunderbolt 2 port. So, you need to connect two cables to this computer and that’s how you use that, it’s plain cannot drive that display on a single cable durable. Three is capable of doing that pretty awesome speaking of this plays. Remember that terrible display that, Apple is selling well used to sell because Apple is not selling these anymore.

I was in the apple stores you can no longer get him you’re pretty much out of stock everywhere which usually hints at a refresh. So the terrible display hasn’t been updated, since doesn’t 11. So that’s five years with no updates. That’s really long time. So we’re also expecting to see a brand-new 5k terrible display while USBC purple 3d display a WBC. As we have that happen actually said anything about it in my WWE see what to expect, which in case you haven’t seen it’s linked down there and description. So you expect to see a brand new thermal display at WWC 27 inches 5k and is most likely going to be a DC ip3 display like the 5k race. And as well here’s something really interesting very report. Suggesting that is horrible display will also come with guess. What an integrated GPU is an integrated graphics card inside the display and this is just awesome.

MacBook pro 2016 GPU

So just imagine coming home from work and then you take your MacBook pro 2016 pro 2016 you connected to that display and you will instantly get a much more for GPU. So games will run much better and 3ds will also run much better and this is just awesome. Unfortunately, this will only work on the new MacBook pro 2016 pro 2016’s. It will not work on the 12 inch MacBook pro 2016 and that’s because the MacBook pro 2016 the 12-inch one doesn’t have Thunderbolt three. It does have us bc but unfortunately doesn’t support the new thermal three center.

I’m not sure what about the pricing the car model is pretty expensive 900 pounds or I believe a thousand dollars. So that’s it it’s pretty expensive. This is going to be a much better model 5k three and it’s most likely going to have an integrated view. So it’s probably going to be more expensive on a five-year veteran iMac stars to just over 1,400 pounds or eight hundred dollars. I’m guessing it’s not going to be more expensive than that. Obviously I’m also expecting Apple to sell different models on this number will display. So a baseline model with no integrated GPU and then a couple of different models with different GPS.

I went back to the MacBook pro 2016 pro 2016 into sports yes for USB type-c port and one headphone jack. But keep in mind that all USB seaports support ATM why they also support the number three. They also support display port 1.2. So all major connections in just one port awesome. Hopefully we will be able to use all four USBC port for charging the MacBook pro 2016 pro 2016 and hopefully we would be able to use more than just wanting to be sea port for charging. At the same time that would be that would be awesome probably not but still it would be awesome ok what else well there was a fourth image this one showing well. Showing the new MacBook pro 2016 pro 2016 vs the previous models for the current generation.

macbook pro 2016 OLED
macbook pro 2016 OLED

Now remember that all that strip at the top you can probably see that, there is an opening right about the backspace button not its most likely for the power button. Because need a power button on a laptop imagine if the oled display crashed and in the magical froze you would no longer be able to shut the MacBook pro 2016 down unless you just remove the battery from the inside. So you need a power button under be more reports suggesting that is bored button will also have such be integrated. So it would be able to unlock your MacBook pro 2016 by simply using your fingerprint and that would be just awesome and if you remember from my WWDC watch expect video and this be actually said that Apple has been into the way of locking your MacBook pro 2016 using your iphone.

So this pattern basically you can use your iphone starchy d 2 along the mat book. So this is probably going to be the solution for all the other MacBook pro 2016s that don’t have to change the integrated. This has been the 13-inch retina MacBook pro 2016 pro. We still haven’t seen the 15 inch one. So maybe the 15 which one a 15 inch one may be down on this have an SD card slot hopefully. Because I personally don’t want to carry around after every single day. But hopefully not are interesting thing that, I want to point out is that a 13 interesting. I will pro and the 50 names to the current generations. Last year in 2015 they have been updated with force touch.

So the track that has been updated and we also get bigger batteries and I’m guessing that apple will actually keep those generations of MacBook pro 2016s instead of just replacing them with anyone’s and the new ones will be more expensive than those. Is because otherwise it doesn’t actually make sense for Apple to update the interior of the MacBook pro 2016s. If they were going to replace them with new models anyway, new MacBook pro 2016 slightly more expensive and then the previous generation will be slightly cheaper than the current generation. We’re also expecting to see any prove display on the new MacBook pro 2016 pros, definitely a DC ip3 display like we have on the five threatened my mac and with an iPhone 7 inch iPad pro. Because that one also has to be safe three displays definitely expect that not also be a report suggesting that a new MacBook pro 2016 pros will also get 4k displays as well.

There are quite a lot of Windows laptops that do come with 4k displays are much sharper than the right Michael pros. But to be honest, the problem with the right and pro is not necessarily the resolution display. So the sharpness of the actual resolution. For example the 15-inch retina
MacBook pro 2016 Pro comes with a resolution of 2880 by 1800 which is pretty high. Obviously it’s not for kids not even 3k but it’s more than 2k. So everything is really sharp but a standard resolution. So the scale down resolution is have that side so 1440 x 900 which is pretty it’s pretty low resolution that you see on the display is actually the same size as the one on a 13-inch MacBook pro 2016.
Here which is for your low considering the fact that this is a 15-inch laptop and can obviously use an optical resolution like 1680 x 1050 For example. But I was not as sharp and at the same time, it also stresses the GPU. Because I GPU has to upscale the resolution. Apple is going to update the resolution of the display will most likely get a record low resolution. So the scale resolution of 1680 x 1050. So that would be 3360 by 2100.

So you have a 4k will definitely higher also expect to see finally SKYLAKE processors like I mentioned in my previous video and also the brand new and the flowers architecture which is going to pretty much give you twice the performance that you performers for wat. So we’re going to get a lot of performance improvement than 15 inch and 13-inch retina MacBook pro 2016 pros especially with metal being fully integrated into the OS 10 and yet model.

it’s already an OS 10 but no first party apps are currently using it so pretty much it stays there unused open jail is still being used for all. First party apps and metal is only used for system-wide animation. So imagine a higher-resolution display dat old bar. Final cut with metal and the new GPU and SKYLAKE processors this is going to be one beast of a machine or 4k video anything. And really excited for that a new MacBook pro 2016 pro will be upgrading to do my GoPro and also the new about all the ports going away which four are going to miss the most.

OLED bar, that’s probably the most interesting aspect of the name a pro dancers of the release date. It’s most likely going to be w WC police announce that we’ve already see the others still a slight chance that we won’t see this that way to DC and even the terrible display. If that’s the case will see it in October so either June. So in a few weeks or October. But the days will definitely be the biggest update the MacBook pro 2016 pro has ever gotten having this was also a really long.
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