A researcher from the University of California, Bella DePaulo, has found that there are more advantages in being in a relationship rather than a relationship in life. Everyone has experienced at least once. It is difficult to find solace in loneliness. In many cases, loneliness is the loneliness. Loneliness is not an assessment of itself. You can also feel loneliness. It can also be considered as a sacrifice of a new life. It depends on the situation and the view of humans. A number of scientific findings, research results, and the ideas that changed the world were created in solitude.

In his article, he said that there are many benefits of being alone in a relationship than we think. And that it has advantages, not only for that person but for the community as well.

Let’s see some of the main revelations of Bella DePaulo research

Being alone can improve the lives of others.

In the United States, single-minded, lonely and encouraging residents of friends and neighboring homes are more equitable, more equitable and encouraging than married people.

With brothers, sisters and parents, there will be individuals who are more closely and supportive than married people.

Is Life easy in alone?

Individuals who are alone or individually are engaged in volunteer work in social service companies, educational groups, hospitals, and art-based organizations rather than those who live.

Bella DePaulo says that people who are exclusive to spend more time with friends and family and their lives will be more satisfying.

The personal growth of those who are single as compared to married people is also good.

DePaulo says that those who live alone are not as isolated, sad or lonely.

When you are alone, you need to be clear in thought and words in the meeting.

When you are alone you decide what your life will be. – Vivekananda