iOS 11 vs Android Oreo
iOS 11 vs Android Oreo

iOS 11 vs Android Oreo – This is latest trends in mobile users and developers. Apple comes from iOS 11 for iPhone back in June. Google officially announced the release of Android 8.0 Oreo on Monday. Both powerful operating systems released finally. So these software platforms make power practically this time on their phones. So who’s winning in this powerful challenge?

Answer is: Android 8.0 Oreo

The reason for Android 8.0 is better than iOS 11,

Google win by their AI – that’s all about Google Assistant is best ever new feature on latest mobile OS platform introduces a technology that can copy a Wi-Fi password when you point the mobile camera on it. But Apple will not fail at any point. They make AR – which makes the virtual item with real world this is the main stream of Apple Inc.

This will happen or not? because…

Actually, no one doesn’t know about two platforms really – Android 8.0 Oreo and Apple iOS 11. because the reason is we actually didn’t see both mobile platform side-by-side. Android 8.0 Oreo release possibly in late August and Apple iOS11 expect to release in September.

Both Apple and Google and Apple may be saving, even more, operating system revelations for their own product on Google on their Pixel 2 and Apple on their iPhoen8 phones expected in October 2017.

An important factor in this comparison it’s their hardware. Both phones are different hardware so difficult to compare both.

According to this factor, we go through the comparison.

iOS 11 vs Android Oreo: Which one’s winning?

here the new options on

Android Oreo:

  • Shrinking a video or Google Maps navigation into a floating fingernail, therefore, you’ll be able to keep an eye fixed on that whereas you are doing different things (called picture-in-picture)
  • Auto-selecting a reputation, signal, address or business to copy/paste
  • More about everything new in Android Oreo 

iOS 11:

  • Paying your friends in iMessage victimisation Apple Pay
  • Playing audio on multiple speakers in your house

Winner therefore far: Android oreo. Picture-in-picture and therefore the increased copy/paste are very little things which will go a protracted manner in creating the phone additional helpful regular. and in contrast to iOS, automaton phones might already play music from the phone to multiple speakers (as long as they are Chromecast-compatible).

However, peer-to-peer payments in iMessage may be a welcome boost to the native electronic messaging app (which automaton lacks on all phones).

Voice assistant

In the iOS 11 vs Android Oreo comparison , Apple has Siri and automation has automaton Assistant (and Google Voice Search and Google Now). Siri gets a bunch of updates to form it look higher, provides it a brand new male voice and guess what you may wish to grasp next. Google Assistant can get a model which will establish objects (called Google Lens) and therefore the ability to sort queries, not simply speak them.

Winner therefore far: Android Oreo, even if voice additions are boring. The underlying platform is such a lot additional expensive, correct and knowledgeable than Siri. At WWDC, Apple lost a chance to showcase the digital assistant it helped build a sensation within the initial place. it will have an opportunity to redeem itself in Gregorian calendar month throughout the expected reveal of the new iPhone(s).


iOS eleven refines iMessage with associated app drawer, however adding Apple Pay is that the huge star. Google lacks associate all-in-one electronic messaging app on automaton phones. automaton Messages is your normal (and basic) texter. Hangouts, Allo, and couple are rather more specialised.

(Android will have P2P payment with Google billfold, however, you’ll have to put in and started the app.)

In iOS 11 vs Android Oreo – Winner therefore far: iOS eleven. It rewards iOS users with a lot of special options, like text effects, seamless Wi-Fi and SMS texting and currently in-message peer-to-peer payments.

Nuts and bolts

Since Apple controls each hardware and software package, it does not have Google’s drawback of wanting to produce one package for many totally different devices created by dozens of brands. however, that additionally means that Google is additional proactive concerning sharing its plans to form its OS quicker and improve battery life.

Winner therefore far: Android Oreo, maybe. Google claims Android Oreo is quite double as quick as last year’s OS and boots up quicker, too. it is also done under-the-table work to preserve battery life. Apple hasn’t highlighted these enhancements, however, its devices do not face constant varieties of problems. We’ll have to be compelled to compare following iPhone with the following element to envision however battery life and speed shake out.

Design enhancements

Apple has redesigned iOS 11’s lock screen, center, Siri interface and app store.Android Oreo features a few visual tweaks here and there, however, to not iOS’ scale.

Winner therefore far: iOS eleven. we tend to like what we have seen for a lot — particularly with the fresh center — however we’re dubious concerning however the new App Store can pan out.

AR and VR

Android is years prior to Apple with each increased and video game — it’s Google Daydream for VR, Tango for AR, and recently declared a standalone receiver. Apple is simply obtaining its feet wet with AR, however the corporate claims it will have the world’s largest increased reality platform once it launches its ARKit developer platform later this year.

Winner therefore far: automaton for VR. AR can be up in the air. Google’s Tango project continues to be slow to urge current. If Apple makes sensible on a rumor that the iPhone camera can get AR capabilities, it might leapfrog Google’s progress.

What else?

Apple and Google are each running a large amount of analysis into AI (artificial intelligence), to form their digital assistants and tools smarter and additional context-aware.

Google is additionally performing on comes like Instant Apps, very little mini apps you’ll be able to open while not downloading an issue. it is not technically a part of automation, however, can notice its manner into phones. I used to be affected by the thought of Google Lens, that permits you to establish objects on the fly, among different things.

Saving the simplest for last?

It’s not over nonetheless. Google and Apple are disreputable for saving some OS options to reveal aboard their new flagship phones.

iOS 11 vs Android Oreo Right now, Google’s software package for phones pushes ahead in vital ways in which, however, Apple has a new probability to wow the US. Its tenth day of remembrance iPhone is reported to possess sweeping changes. It’s simply the kind of debut wherever you’d wish to save lots of the simplest new software package options for last.

So Apple’s AR code might rework into a killer feature on following iPhone’s camera. Or, if Apple will finish up ditching the iPhone home button, additional hands-free Siri tricks might come back to the fore.

Those are moves Apple would wish to stay tucked away till the large moment once it will stick it to Android Oreo. Unless Android Oreo on the coming element phone hits back with a final jaw-dropper of its own.

We can’t wait to envision if this all unfolds.