How to speed-up your Laptop or Desktop - Windows
How to speed-up your Laptop or Desktop - Windows

Bigger and biggest problem of PC users is “PC Slow”, so in this article, we give some simple tips for speed up our Laptop or Desktop in a very simple method.  We all like that feeling when getting a brand-new computer the speed at which files and programs open seems blazing that over time. That fresh computer feeling fades those programs and files tend to take longer to open and close.

There are many reasons as to why your computer’s slowing down.

These steps that I show you should be done in coarsely the same order that I   give them to you it’s always a good idea to back up your computer before making any changes. Your first step should be to get rid of any unnecessary junk files in the Windows operating system. The windows registry and third party programs like your web browsers to do this.

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CCleaner – You can use a free system cleaner

Here you can download CCleaner free

CCleaner offers a free version and a paid version. You can download and install the free version.

After download and installed CCleaner, open it up and leave everything on default for the windows and applications tabs. Your needs may vary click analyze and then wait for to analyze your system analysis complete. And once that’s done click on run cleaner and wait for it to finish. The second step is to remove unwanted programs that are not just taking up hard drive space but maybe automatically opening with windows running in the background using your processor and memory to remove unwanted programs.

Right, click on the start menu select control panel then select programs and features one by one highlight and uninstall programs you have no use for anymore while. You’re at it this might be a good time to go through your folders and get rid of any files photos videos etc. That you no longer need to free up some space on your hard drive.

The third step is to defrag your hard drive. Defragging will consolidate all the empty spaces on your hard drive, that are created as you add and remove files these empty spaces cause your hard drive to take longer. Think which in turn makes folders files and programs open more slowly there are several free defrag tools available on the internet.

Using Defraggler

My personal favorite is made by the same company that makes CCleaner it’s called Defraggler just like CCleaner DEFRAGGLER offers a free and a paid version.

Download Defraggler 

We can use the free version and it works very well. After installing Defraggler, open it up select the drive that you want to defrag and then click on analyze.

It’s time to defrag you’ll have two options for defragging you have the normal defrag and a quick defrag.  If it is your first time select defrag, this may take hours to complete. On your computer a useful tab within Defraggler. That is check periodically is the help tab it shows the health and the temperature of your PC temperature. You can change to Fahrenheit or Celsius in the options.

The step is to remove any virus’s malware adware and spyware from your computer if you have a virus on your computer. That usually stores itself in the system memory causing everything to slow down. Use your favorite antivirus software to get rid of these memory hogs don’t just rely on Windows Defender.

you have your antivirus software installed you should periodically scan your computer for viruses and malware to get rid of these memory Hobbs Step five is to adjust the visual effects on your computer. windows provide quite a few visual effects including dating menus and animated windows these are ok to be turned on but only if you have enough memory to support.

These effects to adjust these effects right click on the start menu icon > control panel > system > advanced system settings. In the left pane in the advanced tab select settings under the performance heading then adjust these settings to meet your computer’s needs, you can adjust for best appearance. Adjust for best performance or you can individually take these on and off.

Upgrading Ram

Next step just might be the most impactful step upgrade your RAM.  Over the years I’ve had to upgrade the ram several times doing so I’ve seen significant increases in performance. Also upgrading your video card can significantly improve video gaming performance and can help make video editing tasks it done faster before upgrading your hardware you may want to use a free system information tool so you don’t have to open up your computer.

Speccy is another fine software products from Piriform I promise you.  They just make really good free software that I like, and they offer a free version and a pro version we can use the free version just like the other software I mentioned earlier. When you open the key it will do an automatic scan of your system.  Once this is done you can see multiple specs for your computer.

I usually go with the double up rule for ram when decided to upgrade.

For example, if your system has 2GB of ram it might be a good idea to upgrade to 4GB or even 8GB.

Upgrading your Ram just might be the best thing you can do to speed up your computer. If for some reason none of these steps work for you then the most drastic solution is to do a clean install of your operating system.

You should really think twice about doing this step because it is irreversible if you do this make sure to back up your files and make a record of any program that you want to make sure you reinstall one positive reinstalling. Your operating system is that your computer will feel like its brand-new free software and registry changes and errors you didn’t know you have since you acquired your computer.

Hopefully, this tips helped you out let me know in the comments if anybody steps make your computer faster. And share this tips with your friends and follow us on social Medias for helpful articles.