Find your lost mobile phone mazzitorch

In our life, a smart phone is an important one to all. Most of us lost mobile phone at least one time in our life. Sometimes we lost negligence or someone steals our phone. In this time, we have absolutely no time for that sort of anxiety. Quiet enough to pay attention to what to do next. In this step, we find the phone in some time and we have to stop to undue matters will happen. Because in current situation most of the criminals using stealing a phone for their usage. So here we discuss some important thing we should need to do.

Here Some tips to help for finding your lost mobile phone

1.Call or SMS to your phone

If you know your phone is lost, the first thing makes a call to your lost mobile phone or a message quickly because most probably your phone around your location. Through this step, if anyone near your mobile phone or take your phone they will contact to you. So firstly make a call to your phone ASAP.

  1. Change your all passwords using in lost mobile phone

Now a day most of us save our all password in phones, including mail, social media’s password like Facebook, Twitter Instagram etc. and also bank ATM PIN, Bank details, credit card details, so when your phone was lost immediately we change our all password from PC or Laptop.

  1. Using Tracking applications

In the mobile application, the market has so many tracking applications for free and cash. Here we provide some details about that applications.

Android Device Manager

It is an important thing to all smartphone users, first all Android users need to install this Android Device Manager application from Play Store. It’s a Google official application.  Using this application, you can save and secure your personal data from others.  This application provides to you

  • Locate your android device in maps.
  • You can reset your phone screen locks and PIN.
  • You can erase all of your data by remotely.

So you need to install and activate this application before you lost.

Prey Anti-Theft

This company provides their software for all devices including laptops, iPhone, android phones and for all platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux etc. Here you can download.

The Prey is small theft protection application that helps you monitoring your lost mobile phone whether is nearest or abroad and also its provide you reset your devices and recover your devices remotely.

Avast Anti-Theft

It’s made by famous anti-virus production company Avast. It also provides these features

  • Locate the phone and tracking your phone using GPS and triangulation methods.
  • Control your phone remotely via web-based – go to
  • Remotely wipe data and memory
  • SIM card change notification
  • Also, this app working in hiding on your phones. So no one can’t identify its working or not.
  • Can Customize siren or alarm to your lost mobile phone.
  • Automatically take a photo by front camera and sent to your email address.
  • Can forwarded call and SMS to another number.

Likewise, more application you can find from apps market and buy or install it on your devices.

  1. Complain to your nearest Police station

It’s some time worst case but it’s important to safe. Because somebody can miss using your phone.

5.Block your SIM card

Immediately block your SIM card by your telecom provider. By this step to banned to use your SIM card for unwanted calls or message to something else.

Those are important tips to you to find your lost mobile phone and for maintain the safe and security to you, your phone and your personal data from theft. If this article is satisfying to you share with your friends and others.