Hide secreted files in Google Drive mazzitorch
Hide secreted files in Google Drive mazzitorch

The files in your Google Drive are both private (only able to be seen to you) or they can be seen by particular group among whom you have selected to openly share the file.  In the case of folders, any file had inside a common folder can be seen by all who have right to use to the folder. Let’s think about to some extent another situation where you have a common folder in Drive some you don’t feel like anyone to view a specific file within that folder.

An easy way is that you shift the file outside the folder. There’s a different move also that will make easy you hide files in Google Drive folders via ‘camouflage’ without need either additions or extensions.

Now see how you hide secreted files in Google Drive

It is an easy trick.

Google Drive let you collect various editions of a file and if you transfer a new edition of a file, the earlier edition is maintained as well. The file editions are able to be off, unlike copy types.  So initially you can upload a PDF file and after that shift it with an image or a video file.

The previous PDF file would still exist in Google Drive although secreted in blank view. The step-by-step guide is here.

  • Go to drive.google.com after that upload the file that you want to hide from others.
  • When the file is uploaded, right-click on the file in Drive and select Manage Versions.
  • Select Upload New Version then upload a new file – say an undoubted photograph of a building.
  • So now rename the original file to, say, image.jpg – you can put any file name and extension.
  • After that Google Drive will update the view of the file to that of the latest version automatically.
  • In addition to that, if anyone double clicks on the file to open it, all they’ll see as an image.

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Google Drive, by default, keeps the earlier version of all file for 30 days and then erases them. but, if you right-click the file in Google Drive, select Managed Versions, select the 3-dot straight up the menu and confirm stay Forever, your secreted file would be around forever.

Google drive keep space
Google drive keep space

Here’re some of other things should identify about file version in Google Drive.

If you make a copy of the file (File> Make a Copy), the latest copy will only support the current version of the file.

If you allow view access to the file to any other user, they cannot notice the further versions of the file.

Versions get storage space. If the original file is 10 MB and you replace it with an image that weighs an absolutely 2 MB, the file will still use 10+2=12MB space in your Drive.