Google Allo and Duo introduce new expected features
Google Allo and Duo introduce new expected features

When Google released the Duo video app and Allo messaging app missing some users expected features. So Google always fixed and maintain the quality so, they made this.

Google Duo Features

Google Duo had only video call users can’t make an audio-only call from this app. According to the last 22nd March, Wednesday 2017 at São Paulo, Brazil event Google announced a lot of improvement and features with this app.

Such as:

  • Including audio-only mode
  • Effective data consumption

Including audio-only mode

When you make a call by Google Duo you can select the audio-only mode, it’s so impressive feature to all Duo lovers.

Effective Data usage

The audio call will work smooth and without any interruption in a poor network connection. And it will take small data than other related apps.

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Google Allo Features

Google Allo introduce the file sharing system. It’s much easier way to send a file to others. It’s a most likable feature in Allo.

It’s a major mistake in the past. Now Android phone users can send their document in .mp3, .apk, .docs, .zip, .pdf formats.

Also, photos managing backup feature with a new method, when you using the app in a poor network the app download the low-quality photo(But it more than enough quality), and when your smartphone connected to Wi-Fi the app will download the high-quality photos and replace that photos in previous downloaded low-quality photos.

It’s an amazing feature in Allo. Yes, it’s a cool technology idea.

And Maps / Location sharing also added in this newer version of Allo.

This feature now in Brazil, coming days it will come rest of the world.

You can see more released in Google for Brazil 

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