There has never been a man or a not me not bill nobody more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America. – Barack Obama

Sorry to burst your bubble American Democrats but Henry isn’t going to be the next president of the United States.

Why will Donald Trump win?

In fact, I have fine reasons why Donald Trump don’t is going to beat her would you like to see the excellent

First, off Hillary’s on popularity, Obama is right Hilary is if not one of the most qualified people ever to on for president of the United States and anybody who disputes this is frankly of food but inexplicably she is hated by the American public. She’s one of the most unpopular people to ever run for president of the United States actually incidentally only surpassed by Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
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I believe and this is going back decades there’s a New York article from 1996 by him you gates which are called hating Hillary where she is described as a moralistic liberal. 20 years later she’s seen somebody who is too pragmatic and compromising in her politics. Which is it to America which is it literally she can’t win all if I stick to my guns and

Stay green mold and people hate me if I make concessions to get the work done people hate me if I were her I’d have packed it all in and move to the Bahamas a long time ago or Canada love Canada


The second reason that doesn’t always going to win the presidency is because of Obama‘s own popularity problem. I think the Obama is about us but I’m tradition people can cast a vote in November but I’m less talking about Obama’s popularity ratings as a person. Which actually on that good anyway but I’m more talking about the fact that in the US political parties. Very rarely get a third term in fact in the last 65 years only ever happened once which was in 1988 when mode wagon passed on the back on to his then vice-president George Bush. The first this is because in those 65 years the only person to increase their show vote in their second time has you guessed it one way and people wanted more of the same in 1988.

This isn’t the case for Obama when he won the presidency for the first time in two thousand days he got fifty-three percent of the vote in 2012 when he was running and gets Mitt Romney the only got 51. This is not a very good sign for Hillary Clinton who is very much selling herself as the continuity candidate. Basically saying hey you want a third term Obama just with a lady instead of a white dude.

I think that she is shooting herself in the foot.


The third reason that Hillary is going to lose is her poor choice of running mate there was a phrase in American politics. When it comes to vice presidential pick and that does no harm. Essentially pick the most boring bland this person that people just won’t have an opinion on. So that they don’t overshadow you or cause any duffel in your own campaign. Under that philosophy, Hillary Clinton chose to Kate nobody had ever heard of but is basically the American politics version of at any time.

Donald Trump Debate full
Donald Trump Debate full
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I understand why she’s done this there’s nothing particularly soothing about having a boring white man middle of the vote candidate in a particularly crazy year that we’ve got at the moment. When it comes to presidential politics but the problem for Hillary is that she had to be this guy in order to get the nomination and say what you want about Bernie boys but they put the lucky and had they chosen a more exciting kind of day.

Elizabeth no one then she would have been able to infuse Bernie’s original like base and get them really rolled up for the general election and it’s not really what’s happening is it yes polling suggests that eighty-five percent of Bernie supporters are going to vote for Hillary in November. But they are going to do this begrudgingly on his website Michael Moore talk about something called the depressed voter yes they’re going to vote for Hillary November but are they going to offer up hours of their time.

Volunteering are they going to make sure that dozens of people around them are going to turn out and vote on voting day in by choosing a running mate to her bite and Sanders is far right.

She’s down the flames of enthusiasm that any burning those could have possibly brought to her campaign also his names Tim like if the way this name in the English language. Can you imagine that?

Fourth Reason

Tim beating a Donald Trump is a reason number for Trump has basically been as extreme as he can be all he needs to do now is being the babied. Presentable to the American public for the next few months Trump came out of the gate blazing in 2015 insulting.

Well everybody with an ounce of Mexican blood in them…

 They’re bringing drugs they’re bringing crime they’re rapists and some I assume are good people.

He’s going to imply the female journalists are giving him a hard time because they’re on their period he’s proposed a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States of America and he’s insulted the parents of a dead American soldier. And this is just the stuff that he’s done while he’s been campaigning in the last year despite all of this he is a 50-percent in reason polo neck and neck with Hillary Clinton.

All he needs to do is to stop being really crazy and just become slightly crazy and talk about Hillary’s Emails more it works. I mean don’t get me wrong it should work but it below the works. I think that Donald Trump has already hit his peach crazy. The only thing is I don’t think that the rest of America have reached their full potential yet.

Fifth Reason

My country has just been through practice and about a week after my people decided to set the timer on our nation’s self-destruct button.

It was America’s Independence Day cut ego to Facebook posts about how they would be original Rex it was great.

Yeah only be so forgive me for viewing the rise of Trump with a little bit of schadenfreude as I see your country about to elect a giant toddler with a face like a tortilla with cheese it’s worked on it. There were a ton of peridot between Brexit and the rise of Trump a working-class forgotten and underrepresented by a distance political elite unserved by globalization. And being given a chance to fuck with the system that screwed and goaded on by a media that’s fear mongering and sensation list.


It’s happening on both sides of the Atlantic d this is the closest thing to a vendor that the American people have and they want to tip over the apple cart and don’t underestimate their willingness or their enthusiasm in doing.

So the scary thing is there’s nothing that you can do I now those hearts and minds Boyd even loves so who wants to move with me to Canada would you reckon about if I leave a comment below like this article share it and if you liked like us on Facebook twitter is a fun.