Android O, Google launch the next Android for developers
Android O, Google launch the next Android for developers

Google launch the new Android OS in this March – Is Android O. Developer preview of Android for developers only. The code-named “O” may be any dessert? Is it Android Orio? Or Android Oh Henry? Or Android Orange? Maybe yes will see. This preview OS not for all android mobile user now, currently its can testing for developers. Developers can download this OS Android O from Google Developer.

Google’s Android O features

Still Android is world’s biggest mobile operating system than others. Because everywhere, every device uses Android. That’s why Google maintain the updates the OS with new features.

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Battery Life

In Android, most of the device problem is battery life. So Android considered the problem is a big thing. So Android O is mainly focusing the battery consumption. Dave Burke (VP Engineering –Android at Google) said they make additional automatic limits for apps, they categories that are in implicit broadcast, background services, and Location updates. So the app work under some limitation of the OS. It’s fine right. So developers must follow all instruction, otherwise, the app will crash by OS.

Android O other features

Notification handling

It’s another area of efficiency. The new Android O handling the multiple notification problems in better way.

Adaptive icons

It’s a new feature than the previous version, the icons of the application are perfect view of all devices display. And the icons will change according to the theme that user selected.  So it’s very attractive UX.

Supports third party calling applications (VOIP)

It’s a new feature so we can make call through any calling application like WhatsApp or else.

Auto fill API

Auto fill function remembers your form fill details like username, password, etc. and fill automatically. It’s a cool thing made by android.

Web View

Android apps use Google Chrome for rendering websites to display the content. It’s working smoothly because all apps will have multiprocessing mode enabled and handling crashes itself. Google chrome will work more security in Android devices than other browsers.

Java 8 runtime optimization

“Android Runtime” and Java.time API, behind the code that runs and makes faster than ever in past OS. which give the most improvements up to 2X faster in benchmarks.

Font resources

Simply defined fonts and use that font in XML layout to developing.


The picture to picture mode for videos, new pop-up screen for using the app notification instead of OS notification, Keyboard navigation in a new way, Multi-screen facilities.

Android O has more feature and API.

Formal launch of Android O

In May 2017 the I/O conference, Google will formally launch the Android O. Until that developers make a suggestion and more improvement to the OS for the fix and polishing the OS to launch in May 2017. It proves to the world Android is a powerful and most excellent mobile OS in the world.

Android already reach all devices in regular users like mobile, tablet, TV, Car, and all automobile area. So all the users are waiting for the new Android O. Me too.

Google I/O 2017

Most people waiting for Google I/O will be held on May 17th to May 19th, 2017. Google I/O May 17th – 19th will introduce more feature to the world of Google users.